Infestation with Poultry Red Mites and Northern Fowl Mites causes economic losses and negatively impacts animal well-being.

Improved Well-Being

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A recent study conducted in Spain measured blood stress bio-markers and haematological parameters as well as changes in activity levels in Poultry Red Mite infested hens before and after treatment with Exzolt. The hens treated with Exzolt showed significant improvement in these measures.

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Safety in Chickens

A series of studies has proven Exzolt to be completely safe in laying hens the primary production class for Exzolt.

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Human Welfare

Administering Exzolt through drinking water minimizes the potential for human workers to be exposed to chemicals.

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Learning Module

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Many factors contribute to the introduction and spread of Poultry Red Mites and Northern Fowl Mites, but infestations can be controlled with the implementation of proper biosecurity measures.  To avoid the detrimental effects of a mite infestation, conduct a farm biosecurity audit.

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Mite Surveillance

There are many methods for monitoring mite infestations that can detect first mites, record population dynamics and help determine when to treat and the effectiveness of treatment. Mite traps are a very effective way for monitoring Poultry Red Mites. Want to know more? Provide your email and an MSD Animal Health representative will get in touch with you.

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