Breakthrough Mite Control

New from MSD Animal Health, Exzoltis an innovative, easy-to-use, effective and safe parasiticide for chickens that eliminates 99%+ of Poultry Red Mites (D. Gallinae) and Northern Fowl Mites (O. Sylviarum) by systematically treating host birds via drinking water. Play the above video to learn how producers have been successful with Exzolt.

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Poultry Mites & Impacts

Only Exzolt offers a unique combination of features and benefits that, together, systemically distinguish the product as a major innovation for optimizing the health and productivity of layer, breeder and pullet chickens threatened by Poultry Red Mites and Northern Fowl Mites.

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Biosecurity & Welfare

Exzolt is more impactful than traditional spray products for rapidly and dramatically decreasing building infestation burdens. And, there’s no special training or new equipment needed – one worker can treat all birds in a poultry house faster than ever!

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poultry welfare

Poultry Welfare

Exzolt offers improved welfare outcomes for chickens and a wide margin of safety for all classes of pullets, breeders and layers.

superior efficacy

Superior Efficacy

Exzolt provides fast, convenient and potent acaricidal efficacy for near-total elimination of Poultry Red Mites & Northern Fowl Mite populations in treated houses.

Easy Application

Exzolt is a unique parasiticide for chickens that offers a convenient, easy treatment for administration via drinking water.

Mite Surveillance

There are many methods for monitoring mite infestations that can detect first mites, record population dynamics and help determine when to treat and the effectiveness of treatment. Mite traps are a very effective way for monitoring Poultry Red Mites. Want to know more? Provide your email and an MSD Animal Health representative will get in touch with you.

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