Poultry Mites

Mite parasites are both a physiological and costly issue in global poultry production.

red and northern fowl mites

About Poultry Red Mites

Poultry Red Mites (D. gallinae) are the primary threat in many countries around the world, increasing rates of anemia, disease susceptibility and death. They also harm the productivity parameters of feed efficiency, egg production, egg quality and weight gain.

red mite

About Northern Fowl Mites

Northern Fowl Mite (O. sylviarum) is a common and damaging ectoparasite of poultry in many countries. Like Poultry Red Mites, they can cause similar destruction in animal welfare and production losses.

fowl mite

Economic Impacts

Poultry Red Mites and Northern Fowl Mites are an increasingly prevalent and costly problem in commerical layer and broiler breeder operations around the world.

Mite Surveillance

There are many methods for monitoring mite infestations that can detect first mites, record population dynamics and help determine when to treat and the effectiveness of treatment. Mite traps are a very effective way for monitoring Poultry Red Mites. Want to know more? Provide your email and an MSD Animal Health representative will get in touch with you.

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