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Exzolt offers potent, consistent, convenient, and safe efficacy against Poultry Red Mites and Northern Fowl Mites. Help prevent the significant cost consequences of uncontrolled mite infestations with Exzolt.

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poultry welfare

Poultry Welfare

Exzolt offers a wide margin of safety which helps improve welfare for all classes of pullets, breeders and layers.

superior efficacy

Superior Efficacy

Exzolt provides fast, convenient and potent acaricidal efficacy for near-total elimination of poultry red mite populations in treated houses.

easy application

Easy Application

Exzolt is a unique parasiticide for chickens that offers a convenient, easy treatment for administration via drinking water.

Technical Manual

The development and approval of Exzolt (fluralaner) solution for treatment via drinking water now offers an unparalleled approach for management of poultry red mites in chickens. The Exzolt Technical Manual provides useful and comprehensive information about this cost-effective and revolutionary product.

Technical Manual
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